Super D Cup Japan Round 2017

■ Date -  Friday November, 3rd 2017

■ Location - Meihan Sportsland C course

Event Outline


Solo Tournament

Maximum 40 cars (scheduled)

Fee ¥13000


Tandem Battle from BEST 16

Cash Price for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place

Maximum 40 cars (scheduled)

Fee ¥18000


Maximum 6 groups

Entry from Event participants only

Additional Fee ¥3000


■ Entries Start from September 1st 2017 to Fax 072-520-5363

Entry Form links - Japanese Version or English Version

● Entries will be completed when we receive both entry form and fee. 参加申込書、入金の確認が出来た方から、正式なエントリーとなります。

● Once entry is done you will receive confirmation via post. Please bring original entry sheet and confirmation sheet together on the event day. エントリーが完了された方から、受理書を郵送いたします。当日はエントリー用紙原本と受理書を必ず合わせてお持ちください。

● Entry will be void if the entry sheet or fee transaction is not completed. 申込書もしくは入金確認、どちらかが確認できない方は自動的にキャンセルとさせて頂きます。

● If not deposited from same name, please note the transaction name as well on the entry sheet. お振込時は、必ず申込み人名にてお振込下さい。

● For any reason, fees are not refundable after completing deposit. お振込後のキャンセルにつきましては返金致しませんのでご注意下さい。

● Participants with previous tournament podium results are to enter Super D class. 


Takatori, Professional Driver 高取選手

Yusef, Super D Judge

General Instruction 注意事項

● Gloves, Helmet (Full face), 4P Seatbelt are required. グローブ、ヘルメット(反キャップ不可)、4点式シートベルト着用

● Please wear Long sleeves, Long pants and Proper Shoes while driving. 走行時は、長そで、長ズボン、および運転に適した靴を着用下さい。

● Drivers window and Sunroof have to be closed while driving. 協議中は、運転席、及びサンルーフは全閉

● Please correctly maintain your vehicle beforehand, to avoid any incidents. メンテナンスは事前に十分に行って下さい。オイル漏れ等での協議中断など他のお客様の迷惑になります。


■ Organizer, Entry to...

Stacked, Inc.

116 Shiomi-cho, Izumiotsu city, Osaka

TEL/FAX 0725-20-5363


■ Bank Info

Rakuten bank 楽天銀行

Daiichieigyo branch第一営業支店

Acc no. 7291849


■ Overseas Transactions, please contact Stacked directly regarding payment options.

By submitting my driver entry I understand that this event may differ from events which I am used to in my home country. This event will follow unwritten Japanese cultural rules and guidelines, much of which comes down to respect and common sense. The basics of the competition and guidelines will be explained during the briefing at the beginning of the event. If I fail to follow the guidelines I may be immediately removed from competition and no longer able to drive on the circuit for the remainder of the day. I may not receive any warnings based on the severity of my actions.

I understand that motorsport can be dangerous. While all care is taken by track and event organizers to ensure my safety and the safety of others, this cannot be taken as a guarantee of safety. My crew and I will follow directions given by track and event organizers and be aware of our surroundings at all times. Aggressive, inappropriate and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.


I have fully  read and understand the outline of the event, and my responsibilities.

如何なる理由であれ、 主催者に責任を追及、損害賠償を要求しないことを誓約します。                          



I waive my rights to claim any renewmeration for any inccidents relating to myself, others, the event and its organization, without exception.


The course owner and the event organiser has the rights to claim renewmeration from me

 for any damages to the facility and/or equipment I cause, up to their discretion.





I accept all written event information and media such as photography and videography submitted shall become property of Super D. and may be used for advertisement, press releases and promotions for the event related supporters.